Workplace Basic Skills Assessment Profile

Your Key to Smarter Hiring and Maximising your People Potential

The Elite Skills assessment profile gives you an indicator of an individual’s ability to perform the basic skills that underlie most entry-level through to supervisory positions.

30 mins

80 Questions

Scientifically Valid

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Why is This Test Beneficial?

Measuring basic skills in key areas such as tables, maths, attention to detail and language ensures that new hires have the necessary foundation to perform effectively in their job.

Identify people with the right skills and agility to learn quickly, adapt to new challenges and effectively collaborate in teams.

The Elite Skills assessment profile makes your hiring process easy and gives you the ability to assess multiple people simultaneously with instant results.

Test Details

Language Skills

Basic Math

Interpreting Data in Tables

Attention to Detail

Expected Behaviours

Follow-up Interview Questions

Online Administration

Instant Score Report

Managament Suggestions

Assess the Basic Skills Needed for Most Entry Level Positions

man interpreting data and tables

Interpreting Data and Tables

Evaluate an individual’s ability to quickly and accurately extract data from tables and answer questions based on that data.
This is relevant for roles requiring data retrieval from digital sources like computer screens, spreadsheets, or charts.
woman attention to detail

Attention to Detail

Assess an individual’s ability to quickly and accurately compare two strings of letters and/or numbers much like tasks that involve verifying information.

This ability is important for most clerical jobs. It is also appropriate for jobs that require proofing tasks.

basic math skills

Basic Math Skills

Identify an individual’s basic understanding of mathematical computation and concepts (e.g., making change, calculating percentages, applying discounts, basic addition, subtraction, division and multiplication).

This test is appropriate for jobs requiring knowledge of basic math functions (e.g., cashiers, tellers, basic accounting, payroll, etc.).

employees discussion, written language skills

Written Language Skills

Measure an individual’s ability to quickly and accurately identify errors in word usage, punctuation, spelling and capitalization.

This ability is important for most jobs requiring written communication.

Maximise Your People Performance

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Faster Onboarding

People with the right skills can quickly adapt to new roles and require less onboarding time to perform in the job.

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Increased Team Productivity

Skilled team members can collaborate more effectively, leading to improved team dynamics and overall productivity.

reduced costs

Reduced Training Costs

Hiring skilled people reduces the need for extensive post-recruitment training programs that cost you time and money.

staff turnover

Reduced Turnover

Employees who have the necessary skills from day one are more likely to excel in their roles, resulting in higher retention rates.

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Reliability and Scientific Validation

The Elite Skills assessment has been developed and validated by industrial psychologists with 30+ years of expertise across all industries.

The research conducted to establish the validity of the this assessment complies with The Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (Federal Testing Guideline) and the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). The results consistently demonstrate that it is a valid predictor of critical aspects of job performance.

psychometric test validation and reliability
Dr, Jesse Llobet, psymetrics tests and assessments author

Researcher and Author

Dr, Jesse Llobet has 30+ years of experience in the development, validation and implementation of leading edge assessments across all industries.

Dr. Llobet’s experience in employment screening includes having consulted with Fortune 500 companies across the U.S., and his assessments have been implemented by over 10,000 companies. He is a member of the American Psychological Association and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologists

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