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Our Work Values Assessment tests the personal values of the individual and matches them against those of the business. Values drive the accepted norms of a person and indicate the passions that motivate them. They are the internal driving force that engages people to actively contribute and participate in their work each day.

What Does the Personal Values Test Measure?

The Personal Values Test (PVP) is a psychometric tool that assesses an individual’s values specific to the work context and matches them according to a series of 21 pre-defined core values in the workplace or job. The analysis ranks values from most to least importance to the individual, providing leadership with insights into their potential alignment with the core values of the organisation.

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The Benefits of Values Testing

Values when fully integrated into the culture of an organisation can provide powerful insights into employee motivation. This insight becomes the compass that the organisation uses to select staff members, reward and recognise employee performance, and guide interaction among employees.

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The Personal Values test helps to:

Determine the overall compatibility of an individual with the organisation, thereby increasing hiring success.

Dramatically improve employee engagement and develop effective talent retention strategies.

Uncover areas where individuals make the most meaningful contributions, and where development gaps may exist.

Facilitate more effective and smoother working relationships.

Create a Company Values Profile

The Corporate Values Profile (CVP)  is a companion to the Personal Values test. It looks at a specific core values list from the job or organisation’s perspective. Utilising the same workplace values as the personal values assessment, it ranks them from most to least important in relation to the requirements and expectations of the function, job, team or business domain.

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Our Personal Values Reports

Once the Personal Values test has been completed, an online report will be generated for the individual’s values profile. The results provide an indication of an individual’s most and least important work values. This information can then be used to motivate, direct and focus that individual’s efforts in the workplace.

The report breaks the 21 values facets down into “Major Motivators” “Minor Motivators” and “Potential De-motivators” in two easy to understand graphs.

Major Motivators

Major motivators tell us what the most important personal drivers are, that will drive the individual’s behaviour and performance. These are the basis for the formulation of short and long-term goals. Individuals seek occupations that are compatible with their core Values, thus enhancing the probability of a desirable future outcome. Major motivators can suggest the types of work roles the individual may be best suited for.

Minor Motivators

Minor motivators can play a role in the ultimate motivation of an individual, but their importance is secondary to those listed as “Major Motivators.” They can however, become more important to the individual if their life circumstances change and they re-evaluate what is important to them at that time

Possible Demotivators

These are values that are not seen as important to the individual in the workplace. They also have the potential to become demotivators, when the work environment emphasises their importance more than the individual does. In turn, this can lead to poor work engagement and job performance on the part of the individual.

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