Values (PVP)

The Work Values Assessment investigates the values of the individual and the business. Personal Values drive the accepted norms of a person and indicate the passions that motivate people. They are the internal driving force that engages people to actively contribute and participate in their work each day.

Work Values Assessment

What Are Personal Values?

Values can be defined as the deep-seated needs that serve as standards for judging one’s own behaviour as well as the behaviour of others.  They form the basis for how people assign worth to situations and objects.  Values shape our value systems, and have a cognitive as well as an affective component.  They play a major role in understanding personal motivation.

Values In The Workplace

Values that are fully integrated in the culture of an organisation can provide powerful insights into employee motivation. This insight becomes the compass that the organisation uses to select staff members, reward and recognise employee performance, and guide interaction among employees.

Values Facets

Profiling The Individual

The Personal Values Profile (PVP) is an assessment that assesses an individual’s values specific to the work context and match it according to a series of 21 pre-defined core values in the workplace or job. The analysis ranks values from most to least importance to the individual, providing leadership insight on the GAP with the alignment of the core values of the organisation.

Values Profile Circle
Company Values Profile Circle

Profiling The Company

The Corporate Values Profile (CVP)  is a companion to the Personal Values Profile. It looks at a specific core values list from the job or organisation’s perspective. Utilising the same work values as the PVP, it ranks them from most to least important in relation to the requirements and expectations of the function, job, team or business domain.

Matching Personal Values Against Company Values

Values Profile Ranking
values assessment report

About Our Values Reports

Our reports look at all 21 values facets of the individual, offering the results in both bar chart and wind rose formats. These show the facets marked as key motivators, minor motivators motivators and potential demotivators.

The report tell managers, recruiters and consultants a lot about the individual, and the types of work roles they would be best suited for. Furthermore, it informs them on the best ways to manage that individual and keep them motivated and engaged within the role.


Learn more About Values

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