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The Think One assessment measures an individual’s problem solving and learning ability. Start making faster and better hiring decisions which save you time and money.

10 mins

20 Questions

Scientifically Valid

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Why is This Test Beneficial for You?

Measuring problem solving skills and learning ability is essential to hire people who can be quickly trained in a job role or where the job regularly requires employees to learn new information and skills.

The Think One assessment gives you greater confidence in your people decisions, ensuring you hire the best talent for the job while increasing your employees’ productivity.

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The Think One Assessment Measures

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Data Ordering

Identify if an individual has the ability to arrange things in a certain order according to specific instructions.

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Following Instructions

Measure an individual’s ability to follow instructions or rules to arrive at specific conclusions.

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Evaluate an individual’s ability to concentrate on a visual task over a period of time without being distracted by extraneous information.

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Assess an individual’s ability to interpret business related graphs.

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Inductive Reasoning

Identify an individual’s ability to combine available information to find relationships among seemingly unrelated things.

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Measure an individual’s ability to follow instructions and utilize maps to navigate to a desired location.

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Mathematical Resoning

Evaluate if an individual has the ability to identify the correct mathematical methods or formulas to solve a problem.

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Pattern Finding

Assess if an individual has the ability to identify a known pattern within distracting information.

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Spatial 3D Reasoning

Identify an individual’s ability to look at a 3D diagram depicting disassembled parts and mentally rotate and assemble them to determine the finished product.

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Visual Reasoning

Measure a person’s ability to visually determine how the placement or movement of one object might affect another.

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Pattern Finding

Identify if an individual is able to mentally manipulate various objects to determine how they can be assembled or how they might best fit together.

talent acquisition

Spatial 3D Reasoning

Assess an individual’s  basic knowledge of common tools.

Reliability and Scientific Validation

The Think One assessment has been developed and validated by industrial psychologists with 30+ years of expertise across all industries.

The research conducted to establish the validity of the this assessment complies with The Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (Federal Testing Guideline) and the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). The results consistently demonstrate that it is a valid predictor of critical aspects of job performance.

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Dr, Jesse Llobet, psymetrics tests and assessments author

Researcher and Author

Dr, Jesse Llobet has 30+ years of experience in the development, validation and implementation of leading edge assessments across all industries.

Dr. Llobet’s experience in employment screening includes having consulted with Fortune 500 companies across the U.S., and his assessments have been implemented by over 10,000 companies. He is a member of the American Psychological Association and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologists

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