Social Responsibility


Making a difference in peoples’ lives is part of our very strong concern for others—particularly the unemployed youth.

Therefore, it is only fitting that InterACT-Global brings that passion and that purpose to our community. We selected to do this in South Africa where the unemployment rate amongst youth is more than 50% of the population under the age of 35.

We have partnered with Shadow Careers in Cape Town, South Africa, who recruit and train unemployed youth for the Contact Centre Industry deployment.

Since 2019 we have helped Shadow Careers to develop a Behavioural and Values benchmark, against which the pool of candidates are measured to facilitate the placement of successful applicants.  The outcomes despite the huge challenges for these candidates, are testimonial to what can be achieved by making not only a difference but by uncovering talent.

To read more about the success stories, please follow the link:  SHADOW CAREERS STORIES.

Social Responsibility & Community