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The DISC assessment is a psychometric tool that measures a person’s preferred behavioural styles across a variety of work contexts. DISC profiling is utilised by businesses to accurately test and evaluate an individual’s suitability for and potential performance in a role.

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DISC Assessment

Understanding Behaviour

DISC measures an individual’s behaviour specific to the workplace. The assessment breaks down behaviour into four main categories (D) Dominance, (I) Influence, (S) Steadiness and (C) Compliance.

The results create a highly accurate behavioural profile for the individual. This will tell you how they can be expected to act in the workplace, their communication style, what keeps them engaged as well as their biggest fears. Finally, the results will suggest the types of roles they could be best suited for.

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Benefits of Using DISC

Provides a clear analysis of the individual’s behaviour and an indication of their potential suitability for a role.

Identifies strengths and weaknesses of the individual.

Equips managers with the tools to effectively manage different people and keep them engaged.

Understand how a person will work within different environments, or when under pressure.