Working from Home (RWQ)

The work from home, or remote working questionnaire highlights personal and environmental factors that are seen as important in the adaption to remote workplaces where the boundaries between working and living environment are not as easily managed.

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What Does The Remote Working Assessment Tell Us?

The Remote Working Questionnaire, or RWQ identifies whether an individual has the natural preference to live and work in the same environment. When the individual’s RWQ results can be compared to a company specific benchmark, a suitability can be established. The greater the level of suitability of a person to this environment, the greater the opportunity for sustainable tenure at the organisation.

Based on the development research for this assessment, twelve factors have been identified. These factors may vary in terms of importance for different remote working environments. It is therefore important that company and situation specific benchmarks are created to ensure that the individual qualities of each environment are accurately captured and reflected on the RWQ analysis and report.

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Remote Working Questionnaire

Importance for Businesses

Work-life balance is becoming increasingly important in organisations today. The challenge is more complicated when one is required to live and work in the same environment and even more so when that environment is a forced situation. This is relevant to most companies and industries but more so where ‘keeping a distance’ with specific operations is unavoidable. A key requirement of these environments is for employees to be comfortable to live and work in the same environment. Work-life balance and its boundaries are not so easily maintained in these scenarios.

The Key Function of Remote Working Assessments

The RWQ (Remote Working Questionnaire) consists of 60 questions and takes between 10-15 minutes to complete. Once an individual has completed the questionnaire a personalised RWQ report is generated.

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About Our Remote Working Reports

The RWQ report identifies which factors the individual deems important. The report then identifies a natural living-working profile for the individual. Individuals are provided with an explanation of the realities of a living-working environment. The report suggests basic coping strategies to ensure that the adjustment into a living-working environment is as seamless as possible.

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Remote Work Training

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