Remote Working Courses

Our Remote Working (RWQ) courses will investigate how this assessment can be applied within businesses to better facilitate and manage people working from home or working remotely. They are a great introduction for people who are new to the Remote Working Questionnaire. They also offer a detailed look at how the assessment operates, and how it can be best used to engage and motivate people working from home.

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Remote Work Certification - What You Can Gain

Once fully accredited in the Remote Working assessment, you will be provided with a certificate of completion. This allows you to then order and use Remote Work related assessments on our online system.

Being certified in the Remote Work assessment will allow you and your colleagues to be fully confident in your ability to properly interpret and administer Remote Work tests and reports. Our accreditation courses ensure you are provided with the most relevant and up to date information surrounding this assessment so you can comfortably utilise it to the best effect.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Become Certified?

InterACT’s 1-2 day Remote Work training courses provide you with all the learning materials and professional guidance needed to become certified. The course will be followed by a short quiz, which once complete, will allow you to be officially signed off as certified.

What will I learn?

Our accreditation courses will serve as both an introduction and an all-encompassing guide to the Remote Working assessment. They will guide you through reading and interpreting reports, understanding how they operate on a technical level, and how they can be used to the best effect.

What Our Webinars offer?

Our webinars look at a variety of relevant topics surrounding Remote Working assessments. They are designed to serve as an introduction to the uses and practical applications of the Remote Working Questionnaire.

Who conducts the Training?

Our team of trainers have years of practical experience in teaching and applying psychometric tools in a variety of contexts. You can always expect a high degree of professionalism and expertise in our courses and webinars. 

Face-to-Face training?

InterACT does offer an option for face-to-face training upon request. If you would like to have your team accredited in one of our assessments, get in touch through our contact form to learn more or request a training date.