Training & Accreditation

InterACT regularly offers training and accreditation in the use of our psychometric tools. Our highly experienced team of trainers based across Australia, the UK and South Africa will help you to effectively utilise psychometric assessments to optimise your business for success.


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What Our Training & Accreditation Courses Have to Offer

Our training & accreditation courses offer you and your team the opportunity to be professionally trained in the use of our psychometric assessments such as DISC, Personal & Corporate Values, Emotional Intelligence and Remote Working. Moreover, you will learn how to effectively utilise these assessments to recruit, manage and engage your people.

With over 50 years of business consulting experience, our team of trainers have a wealth of knowledge to share when it comes to the application of psychometric testing in businesses. 

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Who Are The Courses Designed For?

Our courses are designed to assist anyone looking to understand psychometric assessments on a deeper and more insightful level, whether you are a coach, consultant, HR manager or talent acquisition specialist. They are tailored towards those who want to effectively identify talent, and better manage, coach and develop their people.

Whether you are completely new to these assessments, or you are looking for a refresher, these training and accreditation courses will guide you through the core elements of our psychometric assessments, while allowing you to see examples of their real-world application.

What Will You Gain Through Our Courses?

Our psychometric training & accreditation courses will not only provide you with a wealth of knowledge on our assessments, such as DISC, Values, Emotional Intelligence and Remote working, but will allow you to become professionally trained and accredited in their use and application.

This will allow you to comfortably utilise these assessments within your own business and take the guesswork out of your decision-making process. You will learn to effectively interpret a completed report, spot any anomalies that may occur, provide feedback to the individual and most importantly understand how to coach and manage them to achieve the best results.

Staff Engagement Courses - By Tim Vero

Do any of these challenges resonate? 

  • You waste precious time re-hiring positions  because of high staff and employee turnover.
  • You’re tired of constantly re-scheduling and re-rostering staff and employees because of absenteeism?
  • You feel like your staff and employees just don’t care or aren’t on the same page as you.
  • You’re always late home because there’s just too much to do!

Tim Vero provides a series of high quality courses centered around improving staff engagement and solving employee retention issues. Check out his courses below!

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Our Training & Accreditation Courses

DISC - Behaviour

Behaviour underpins the ways in which we act and communicate both at home and in the workplace. Understanding people’s behaviour is therefore vital in recruitment and management processes. Our DISC training & accreditation courses are designed to familiarise you with DISC behaviour assessments and teach you how to utilise them to the best effect within your specific industry. Additionally, you will learn to benchmark an individual’s behaviour profile against that of the business.

Personal and Company Values

Values drive the accepted norms of a person and indicate the passions that motivate them. When fully integrated in the culture of an organisation they can play an important part in properly engaging and retaining employees. Our Values courses introduce you to the Values (PVP) assessment, how it can be used to find the preferred or less favoured values of an individual, and how these can then be aligned with the values profile of a business to ensure congruence.

Trait Emotional Intelligence

Trait Emotional Intelligence explores how we manage our emotions in everyday life. The EQ or TEIQue assessment measures an individual’s emotional intelligence across 15 traits, giving a great deal of insight into what type of roles they would be best suited for. As Emotional Intelligence itself is not static, the assessment also shows us where the individual can potentially be coached and developed to improve. Our training & accreditation courses in TEIQue will teach you the theory behind this assessment and practical its application.

Remote Working & Working From Home

With remote working becoming significantly more commonplace—particularly post COVID-19—it is important to understand people’s ability to work from home more than ever. Understanding how a person will adapt to working from home, and ensuring they stay motivated and focused is a core part of our RWQ assessment. Our courses will teach you the fundamentals of this assessment and how to effectively utilise it in your business.