Values Accreditation Courses

Understand Values and Culture

Are you looking to learn more about Personal Work Values assessments? Our values and company culture accreditation courses look at how these tools can be applied within businesses to keep employees engaged and motivated.

values accreditation courses

Values Accreditation Learning Outcomes

Discover how you can apply personal values assessments across various workplace contexts to find the best solutions and achieve the best results with people!

interpreting values results and reports

Interpreting Reports

Gain a better understanding of workplace values. Understand how to interpret results from the personal values assessment report and provide feedback on them.

recruiting and hiring with values

Recruitment & Hiring

Understand how to identify gaps between individual and company values so the right hiring choices are made and people are managed effectively.

improving workplace culture with values

Workplace Culture

Develop a meaningful values statement for your organisation and understand how to engage and motivate each person and improve workplace culture.

Benefits of the Values Accreditation

The Personal Values accreditation will allow you and your colleagues to be fully confident in your ability to properly interpret and administer personal and company values results. Our values accreditation course ensures you are provided with the most relevant and up to date information surrounding this assessment so you can comfortably utilise it to the best effect.

Comprehensive Training

4.5 hour online or face-to-face values accreditation led by a highly knowledgeable trainer.

InterACT Platform Access

Gain access to Values assessments on the InterACT platform, where you can send out Values assessments and create custom job benchmarks.

Personal Values Profile

Get your own Values report, detailing your key motivators and demotivators in the workplace.

Accreditation Certificate

Receive a Certificate of completion and gain the knowledge to effectively apply and provide feedback on Values assessments.

values accreditation and training

Values Training Accreditation Courses and Dates

Register for the personal and company values accreditation to start improving your business and motivating your people! InterACT offers Values accreditation courses in Australia, South Africa and the UK. Find the best training dates for you by visiting one of the pages below.

values accreditation courses in australia


See availability for our accreditation courses in Australia.

values accreditation courses in south africa

South Africa

See availability for our accreditation courses in South Africa.

values accreditation courses in the UK

United Kingdom

See availability for our accreditation courses in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to become certified?

InterACT’s Values accreditation courses provide you with all the learning materials and professional guidance needed to become certified. The accreditation will be followed by a short quiz, which once complete, will allow you to be officially signed off as certified.

What will I learn?

Our accreditation courses will serve as both an introduction and an advanced guide to Values assessments. They will guide you through reading and interpreting reports, recognising potential issues in the results, and benchmarking against the values of an organisation.


Who conducts the training?

Our team of trainers have years of practical experience in teaching and applying psychometric tools in a variety of contexts. You can always expect a high degree of professionalism and expertise in our accreditation courses.

Face to face training?

InterACT does offer an option for face-to-face accreditation courses upon request. If you would like to have your team trained in one of our assessments, get in touch through our contact form to learn more or request a training date.

values accreditation courses FAQs