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Get Certified in DISC

Become a qualified DISC practitioner. Our DISC training and accreditation in the UK is led by trainers who have been using DISC behaviour assessments for decades to help develop and grow the people element in business.

disc accreditation courses in the UK

Learning Outcomes for DISC Accreditation

Our DISC accreditation courses in the UK equip you with the skills and knowledge to apply DISC behaviour assessments across a variety of work contexts.

disc expertise

DISC Expertise

You will gain a deep understanding of the DISC model and theory. 

Understand how the assessment works, identify invalid results and anomalies in the graphs.

using disc for people development

People Development

You will understand how to use DISC as a development tool for new hires, as well as existing staff.  DISC highlights key areas for development in individuals and offers insight into how each person will be most effectively trained.

improving workplace culture with disc

Workplace Culture

Your managers and leaders will be better equipped to deal with conflict, duelling personalities and demotivated staff. They will gain a deeper understanding of how to create and maintain a more engaging workplace culture.

recruiting and hiring with disc

Recruitment & Hiring

You will be capable of assessing new hire candidates, understanding their DISC profile, providing feedback on results and making more informed recruiting decisions.

job profiling with disc

Job Profiling

You will be able to clarify the behavioural demands of the job and understand how to find the ideal behavioural match for the role. Also, to match individual DISC results against the role in the business.

advanced disc insights

Advanced DISC Insights

You will learn how DISC results can point to underlying issues with employee motivation, which when addressed, can lead to a boost in employee performance.

Why Get Accredited in DISC?

InterACT’s DISC accreditation courses in the UK will allow you to deepen your understanding of DISC behaviour assessments and develop your people management skills by better understanding the behaviours that drive people in the workplace. Understand why people act the way they do, and how individual behaviours can be optimised for better performance and higher levels of engagement.

Our accreditation team in the UK are experts in DISC and have spent years using this tool to help businesses to improve their people management and staff retention strategies.

Comprehensive Training

9 hour online or face-to-face DISC accreditation course led by a highly knowledgeable trainer.

InterACT Platform Access

Gain access to DISC assessments on the InterACT platform, where you can send out DISC assessments and create custom job benchmarks.

Personal DISC Profile

Get your own DISC report, detailing your key behavioural characteristics, communication style and motivators.

Accreditation Certificate

Receive a Certificate of completion and gain the knowledge to effectively apply and provide feedback on DISC assessments.

people getting accredited in disc

What People Think About Our DISC Accreditation Courses

DISC Courses & Training Dates

Register for one of our courses now! Become one of many businesses in the UK to benefit from using the DISC behaviour assessment. Send us a message below and our team will be in contact.

DISC Accreditation Course

Expression of Interest

Course Features

  • 1 day accreditation course (2 x 4.5 hours).
  • Certificate of completion.
  • 20 DISC assessments included.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable trainers.
  • Engaging learning materials and activities.
  • Online and face-to-face learning environments.
  • Access to additional learning resources and quick reference guides.
  • Your own account for administering DISC assessments.

DISC Refresher Course

(Must have previously completed a DISC accreditation).

Course Features

  • 4 hour DISC refresher course.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable trainers.
  • 5 DISC assessments included.
  • Online and face-to-face learning environments.
  • Access to additional learning resources and quick reference guides.
  • Your own account for administering DISC assessments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to become certified?

InterACT’s DISC training courses provide you with all the learning materials and professional guidance needed to become certified. The course will be followed by a short quiz, which once complete, will allow you to be officially signed off as certified.

What will I learn?

Our accreditation courses will serve as both an introduction and an in-depth guide to DISC assessments. Upon completion you will know how to read and interpret DISC reports, recognizing potential errors, and benchmark the results with the desired behaviour profile of a job.

Who conducts the training?

Our team of trainers have years of practical experience in teaching and applying psychometric tools in a variety of contexts. You can always expect a high degree of professionalism and expertise in our accreditation courses.

Face to face training?

InterACT does offer an option for face-to-face training upon request. If you would like to have your team accredited in DISC, get in touch through our contact form to learn more or request a training date.

disc accreditation in the UK FAQs