Psychometric Training Accreditation Courses

Get Certified on DISC, Values or EQ

InterACT regularly offers psychometric training courses for accreditation in the use of our psychometric tests in Australia, the UK and South Africa.

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What Our Accreditation Courses Have to Offer

Get professionally trained in using our psychometric assessments such as DISC, Personal & Corporate Values, Emotional Intelligence and Remote Working.

Learn how to understand the reports and how effectively utilise these assessments to recruit, manage and engage your people.

With over 50 years of business consulting experience, our team of trainers have a wealth of knowledge to share when it comes to the application of psychometric testing in your organisation.

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Psychometric Training Course Dates

Our psychometric training accreditation courses will provide you with a wealth of knowledge on our assessments, such as DISC, Values, Emotional Intelligence and Work From Home. You will learn to interpret reports and provide feedback the results in a professional manner. 

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Behaviour Assessments

Get accredited in the DISC behaviour assessment, or take a refresher course.
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Workplace Motivators

Get accredited in the Personal and Company Values assessments.
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Emotional Intelligence

Get trained in the TEIQue assessment and learn to apply it in the workplace.
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Who Are the Training Courses Designed For?

Our accreditation courses are designed to assist anyone looking to understand psychometric assessments on a deeper and more insightful level, whether you are a coach, consultant, HR manager, Operations Manager, recruiter or talent acquisition specialist. 

They are tailored towards those who want to effectively identify talent, and better manage, coach and develop their people.

Whether you are completely new to DISC, EQ or Values assessments, or you are looking for a refresher, these training and accreditation courses will guide you through the core elements of our psychometric assessments. 

You will also see examples of their real-world application.

Contact Our Training Team

Get in touch to learn more about our psychometric training courses and how you can get accredited and certified.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to become certified?

Our psychometric accreditation courses hosted in Australia provide you with all the learning materials and professional guidance needed to become certified. 


The courses will be followed by a short quiz, which once complete, will allow you to be officially signed off as certified.


What will I learn?

Our accreditation courses will serve as both an introduction and an in-depth guide to the assessments and psychometric tests we provide. 


They will guide you through reading and interpreting reports, recognizing potential errors, benchmarking results and effectively applying them.


Who conducts the training?

Our team of trainers in Australia have years of practical experience in teaching and applying psychometric tools in a variety of contexts. 


You can always expect a high degree of professionalism and expertise in our courses and webinars.


Face to face training?

The training is online however InterACT does offer an option for face-to-face training upon request. If you would like to have your team accredited in one of our assessments, get in touch through our contact form to learn more or request a training date.

How long are the accreditation courses?

The training accreditation course depends on which of the psychometric assessments you are being trained in.


Visit the country specific training page for your psychometric profiling interest to learn more. 


What will I receive in the course?

You will be mailed a hard copy ring binder workbook. This is to follow the live training but also to use as a reference tool in future. The workbook is very detailed and comprehensive and includes invalid results and deeper insights into results.



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