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Take the guesswork out of recruitment and build great strategies to develop and retain your staff with our psychometric testing services in the UK.


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Hire and Manage Your People with Confidence

Our psychometric tests give you deeper insights into your people’s behaviours, motivators, skills and abilities, enabling you to improve employee engagement, productivity and retention.

Predict Employee Performance

Go beyond the resume and use objective data to make confident hiring choices.

Retain Your Best Employees

Motivate and engage people better and increase long-term retention in the job.

Shortlist Applicants Faster

Manage any number of applicants quickly and efficiently. Shortlist the best candidates within minutes.

Reduced Hiring Costs

Hire the right employee the first time and avoid wasting resources on hiring staff who don’t work out later.

Measure Your Candidate's Behaviour, Personality Skills, Aptitudes and Job Fit

Businesses using psychometric assessments to assist their people decisions see huge improvements in employee motivation, productivity, and retention. Explore our range of 40+ assessments offering effective solutions for your HR, talent acquisition, staff retention and training processes.

Why Employers and Businesses in the UK Use Psychometrics

Psychometric tests and assessments are used by businesses in the UK for a wide range of applications in the selection of personnel, employee on-boarding, individual and team training and development, conflict management and succession planning. 

Reduced Bias: Go beyond the CV and gain a deeper understanding of each candidate.

Hire Smarter: Identify the candidates most likely to succeed and positivity contribute to organisational culture.

Develop Star Performers: Develop, coach and train each employee in the right way to improve productivity and engagement.

Train Effective Leaders: Adapt management styles to get the best out of each individual.

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Trusted by Companies in the UK and Worldwide

InterACT’s team listens to our clients and deeply understands the challenges they frequently face. Our unique set of psychometric tools are complemented by a team who have decades of experience actively using them to achieve positive outcomes in businesses.