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InterACT provides a variety of psychometric tests across South Africa, designed to assist employers in making the right recruitment choices and successfully coaching their people for success. We supply psychometric tests to a range of small and large businesses across South Africa and support them in their talent acquisition and employee retention strategies.  Our tests and assessments are quickly and easily completed online and can be conveniently matched against the requirements of the job.

Integrate these invaluable psychometric tools into your business and develop your people element.

The Benefit of Psychometric Tests

Time and money are often wasted on poor recruitment choices and while skills are important, it is often a poor behavioural or values fit which leads to recruitment remorse and staff attrition. Our tests are designed significantly decrease the guesswork when recruiting, and ensure managers and employers know they are recruiting the right person for the job, and the company as a whole.

Psychometric tests give businesses across South Africa powerful insights into the individual’s behaviour, identifying their key motivations and the types of jobs they would be best suited for. They give you an idea of how someone will perform under stress, how they will communicate with others, their strengths as well as areas for further development.

Currently InterACT measures 3 core elements of the individual—their DISC Behaviour, Personal Values and Trait Emotional Intelligence. These are all completed online for ease of use.

Recruit the Right Talent

Select people who are the ideal fit for the role. Choosing people on skill alone can lead to poor staff retention and motivation issues further down the line.

Identify Development Areas

Identify where an individual may have difficulties in the job and how they can be developed to better fit the specific job requirements.

Motivate & Engage

Know what will motivate or demotivate someone and form strategies to keep your people engaged with their work.

What You Get Out Of Our Reports

Our psychometric reports highlight important behavioural details about the individual and how they operate in the work environment. They provide suggestions for potential roles the individual would be best suited for and identify their common communication styles. Key factors which affect their motivation at work are noted. The reports also offer managers and employers a starting point to further develop and train staff for a role.

Creating benchmarks for specific jobs and businesses is an important part of psychometric testing. Our job match reports allow employers to see how an individual’s DISC, Values or EQ profile measures up against the needs of a specific job. This gives you a clear idea of if they are a good fit for the role, or where they may potentially struggle.

DISC Behaviour Assessment

disc graph, psychometric test

The DISC assessment is a psychometric test which measures the behaviour of a person in four dimensions:

  • Dominance
  • Influence
  • Steadiness
  • Compliance

The results can provide insights into how the candidate will behave at work under normal or more stressed circumstances. It highlights their common communication styles, possible limitations, and key motivators and demotivators in the workplace.

How This Benefits Businesses in South Africa

  • Identifies the individual’s most important motivators & demotivators.
  • Identifies ideal work roles the for the individual, where they will perform best.
  • Promotes better behavioural alignment with the business or job.
  • Points out behavioural strengths and suggests areas for potential development.
  • Notes important communication styles & allows for better team engagement strategies.

Trait Emotional Intelligence Test

emotional intelligence testing, psychometric test

TEIQue is a trait emotional intelligence test combining emotions, personality traits, and intelligence in 15 specific facets.

This psychometric test measures an individual’s perceived ability to understand, process and utilise emotion-related information in everyday life. It identifies how a person operates on an emotional level, and how they interpret the emotions of those around them. The results give an idea of how a person will operate in different environments, and how they will cope under varying levels of stress.

How This Benefits Businesses in South Africa

  • Enhances self awareness.
  • Builds awareness of co-workers, allowing for improved communication.
  • Suggests areas for improvement in both employees and managers.
  • Indicates how people perform emotionally in different work roles.
  • Encourages better engagement and facilitates better staff retention strategies.
  • Helps to build more productive working relationships.

Personal & Work Values Test

Company Values assessment result, psychometric test

The Personal Values Profile is a psychometric test assessing an individual’s values within the context of the work environment. The assessment ranks the individual’s values from most to least important. These can then be matched with the work values profile of the business.

The values ranking of the individual gives you a clear idea of their core motivators and potential demotivators in the workplace. This is vital in ensuring they are matched  with the right company culture and are remain fully engaged in the role.

How This Benefits Businesses in South Africa

  • Points out the key motivators that drive people to engage in their work.
  • Highlights their demotivators which will lead to low interest in the work.
  • Benchmark the job requirements and hire the right person for the position.
  • Resolve staff retention issues.
  • Improve consistency in company culture.
  • Form strategies to more effectively manage and motivate your people.

Workspace 365

client - workspace 365

Chris and his team have provided a great service to our business when looking for new staff. Matching our company values against the values of potential new staff has been an invaluable tool for us with excellent results. I would highly recommend this service.”

Smit & Van Wyk

client - smit & van wyk

“After the interviewing process were were undecided on the top 3 candidates. Since only one position was available, we wanted the best fit, we approached InterACT and using the DISC and Values assessments we were able to hire the candidate with values that aligned the most with our firm.”

Shadow Careers

shadow careers

“The support is so appreciated! You have assisted us in creating 185 permanent careers for excluded unemployed youth. Something we couldn’t achieve without heart-aligned partners.”

Learn More About Psychometric Tests

InterACT offers anyone in South Africa the opportunity to try one of our psychometric tests (EQ, DISC, Values) for free. Click the button below to request your test. Learn how you operate at work and see how these invaluable psychometric tools can help to improve the people element in businesses across South Africa.