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Align Your People and Retain Your Best Talent

Take the guesswork out of recruitment and form effective strategies to develop and retain your staff with our psychometric tests and assessments in Australia.

Recruit Faster and Smarter

InterACT’s psychometric tests and assessments give you deeper insights into your potential hires and employees.

Make effective recruitment decisions that lead to long term staff retention and higher engagement – all while saving time and money.

Our psychometric tests are quick to complete, easy to understand and can be quickly matched against the requirements of any job.

What our Assessments Measure

InterACT’s psychometric tests and assessments are invaluable tools for businesses across Australia, because they give you a holistic understanding of the individual. When you know your people, you can better manage and motivate them to optimise performance and maximise chances of long term success.

Currently our assessments measure three core elements of the individual—their Behaviour, Values and Emotional Intelligence.

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Behaviour Assessments

DISC is a behavioural assessment which looks at behaviour across four dimensions: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance.
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Workplace Motivators

TEIQue is an emotional intelligence test that integrates emotions, personality traits, and intelligence in 15 specific facets.
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Emotional Intelligence

The Personal Values Profile measures 21 values facets that drive and motivate a person, which can be matched and compared with those of a company.

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The Benefits of Psychometric Testing

talent acquisition

Talent Acquisition

Make quick, effective and confident hiring decisions that improve the long term engagement and retention of your best people.

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Talent Retention

Stop losing your best talent to competitors. Retain your best people and keep them challenged and engaged in the job.

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Talent Development

Find hidden talent and develop your people to perform at their best. Train people faster and develop the skills that matter most.

talent matching

Talent Matching

Use proven methods to match the right people with the right job, whether you are hiring new talent or promoting employees internally.

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