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At InterACT Global, we offer the very best psychometric assessments available. Get the most out of your people, improve performance and business profitability by leveraging our market leading range of products. Our offering spans across a wide range of categories to provide businesses and organisations such as yours, with the insights and tools they need to leverage the workplace potential of their people and teams to the fullest extent possible.

Our assessments provide easy-to-understand, actionable information that can be seamlessly integrated into your human resources practices and processes.

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Psychometric Testing and Psychometric Testing Training for Sydney Based Organisations, Businesses and Professionals

Our integration of DISC profiling, emotional intelligence assessment (TEIQue) and personal and workplace values assessment (PVP) comes together in a distinctive method of profiling your peoples’ performance and to provide your with actionable insights which you can leverage for further improvement.

Our process algorithmically analyses scientific data to provide a concise, easy to understand one-page graphic report for selecting and coaching personnel at every level of an organisation based on the company requirements and job specific benchmarks.

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Our Range of Psychometric Testing Products Available to Sydney Businesses

We provide businesses, organisations, and professionals with innovative, scientific, measurable, and bespoke psychometric testing and psychometric training solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of psychometric and workplace assessment products and services to help businesses positively transform their human resources – from leadership and team development to providing answers concerning people questions in a modern yet practical style to resolve your human resources concerns.

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InterDISC assessments help business who are frustrated with the challenges of workplace behaviour and their effect on productivity. 97% of our clients report that they have noticed a positive impact on company culture and workplace behaviour. InterDISC is a behavioural assessment that analyses and predicts how team members will behave at work to empowering you with the ability to make better business decisions with more confidence.
Values are defined as ‘beliefs that are held by the individual as standards that guide how he or she should function. Values are cognitive structures, but also have behavioural and affective dimensions which provide an individual with an ‘idealised end state’ for their life. As such they are the basis for the formulation of short and long term goals. Therefore, individuals seek occupations that are compatible with their values. At InterACT Global we offer assessments designed specifically for workplace application. Our integrated values reports provide a pragmatic, yet clear diagram of the culture and the behaviour fit of the person or team in the overall construct of the organisational values set.
Our remote working questionnaire is a workplace assessment of twelve factors designed to help managers understand and manage the hybrid working environment needs. It provides practical and actionable insights into the motivational aspects of managing team members from a distance. Work-life-balance and its boundaries are not easily maintained in these scenarios. Many people are not prepared for the challenges that a work-from-home environment may pose. Our report highlights the factors important to a given team member which are required for them to successfully work long-term from home or to manage their hybrid working conditions.
The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) developed by K. V. Petrides (PhD) is an integral part of a scientific research program that is currently based at the London Psychometric Laboratory in University College London (UCL). InterACT is an authorised distributor of the TEIQue psychological instruments. In the workplace, it is no longer enough to simply rely on our technical skills and knowledge in order to get the job done. Our work performance is also based on how well we collaborate with colleagues, resolve differences, and communicate our ideas, all of which are affected by Trait Emotional Intelligence. The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (referred to as TEIQue) measures a myriad of emotional perceptions and traits that form parts of an individual’s personality to provide a snapshot of a person’s perceived ability to interpret, process and use information about your own and others’ emotions.
Combining data analytics is the new and ground-breaking way of identifying talent for the future. Our approach takes assessment results and combines them in a variety of permutations, which are expressed in an easy for managers to interpret report on an individual’s workplace engagement. This report aims to provide an integrated view of an individual’s psychometric assessment results. It establishes the suitability of an employee for a specific job or role and whether they will be able to acquire the necessary competencies for the job within a reasonable period. Our report also provides an indication of an individual’s ability to adjust to challenging and dynamic interactions with other people in the work environment, making it a valuable tool for recruitment, development, and training scenarios.

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