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As an international psychometric assessments supplier, InterACT Global are here to improve the efficiency of your business through the utilisation of psychometric testing training and more. We use our psychometric testing qualification and experience to deliver you straightforward, easy-to-understand information that may be seamlessly and quickly integrated into your existing operations. With over 50 years in the industry, our knowledge and expertise are unmatched.

Psychometric testing training has become increasingly popular in recent years as businesses attempt to find more efficient ways of recruiting and retaining employees. This type of testing can provide valuable insights into a person’s abilities, skills, and personality traits, which can help businesses make more informed decisions about who to hire and how to best utilise their employees’ talents.

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What Do Psychometric Training Courses Offer?

Psychometric testing is a scientific way for HR professionals, HR consultant, and business owners to measure an individual’s psychological traits and abilities. It is also often used in business settings to assess job applicants and measure employee performance. If you’re interested in receiving a psychometric accreditation with InterACT but want to know more about what these accreditations offer, see below.

A psychometric testing qualification will provide you with:

  • The ability to test your employees work efficiency
  • Better understand the way your staff work collaboratively
  • Whether your staff excel more so individually
  • Being able to identify an individual’s long term potential
  • Exploration and measurement of staffs personalities, behaviours, cognitive ability, and skills
  • Skills and knowledge to increase organisational growth and success
  • And so much more

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Secure a Certification in Psychometric Assessment with Us!

At InterACT Global Brisbane, we have a wide variety of psychometric accreditation training and events that HR professionals and consultants can join to up their skills for the working environment. Whether you’re working as a HR representative for a number of businesses, or you’re a small business owner wanting to hone some skills or know more about your employees, our training is accessible.


Our psychometric exams, such as DISC, Personal & Corporate Values, Emotional Intelligence, and Remote Working Profiling, are all accredited. With our psychometric accreditation, you and your staff will be professionally educated in the application of our psychometric tests including DISC, Personal & Corporate Values, Emotional Intelligence, and Remote Working. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to put these tests into action.

Choose InterACT for Psychometric Testing Training.

If you’re looking to secure a psychometric accreditation through InterACT, you can contact our team online today. With over 50 years of business consulting experience, we’ve collated a wealth of knowledge and skills to be able to provide our customers and potential customers with the correct information and answers to their queries. We are Brisbane’s leading psychometric testing company; feel rest assured knowing that you and your team’s performance are good hands.

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