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Our Work Values Assessment accurately tests the personal values of the individual and matches them against those of the business to improve employee engagement. 

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What Does the Personal Values Test Measure?

The Personal Values Test (PVP) is a psychometric tool that assesses an individual’s values, specific to the work context. 

It matches them according to a series of 21 pre-defined core values in the workplace or job.

Your report ranks values from most to least importance to the individual, providing your leaders with insights into their potential alignment with the core values of the organisation.

This gives you greater confidence with considering employees for hiring or for developing with training. 

The Benefits of Values Testing Your Employees

When values are fully integrated into the culture of your organisation this can provide powerful insights into employee motivation methods. This insight becomes the compass that your organisation can be guided by in selecting new team members, for rewarding and recognising employee’s performance, and build more synergised teams. 

A Work Values assessment becomes even more powerful when a combination or ‘matrix’ report is created. This is where it is used with another assessment such as EQ or DISC

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The Personal Work Values Test Helps You to:

Accurately determine the overall compatibility of an individual with the organisation, increasing the success from your candidate selection from hiring.

Dramatically improve employee engagement reducing recruitment costs.

Uncover areas where individuals will make the most meaningful contributions, and to fill where any development gaps may exist.

Facilitate more effective and smoother working relationships to increase employee productivity and harmony.

Company and Personal Values Profile

To ideally match and employee’s values to the company, its best to start with the Corporate Values Profile (CVP).  It identifies the specific core values of your business so you can use it to compare the person or people to.

It ranks them from the most to the least important in relation to the requirements and expectations of the function, job, team or business domain. 

This provides the clarity you need to make better team selection decisions to improve your company.

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Our Personal Values Reports

The Personal Values report provides an indication of an individual’s most and least important work values. This information can then be used to motivate, direct and focus that individual’s efforts in the workplace.

The report breaks 21 values facets down into “Major Motivators” “Minor Motivators” and “Potential De-motivators” in two easy to understand graphs.

What the Values Reports Include

A short introduction to the Personal Values assessment.

Windrose and bar charts detailing the individual’s major and minor motivators and possible demotivators.

A comprehensive description of each of the individual’s most important values, what they mean.

How to most effectively manage and motivate the individual in the workplace.

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Become Accredited with Values

Find out more about our accreditation courses on the Personal Values Assessment where you can become officially trained in its use. In the accreditation training you’ll learn about the fundamentals of Values testing and benchmarking and how the assessment can be effectively applied within the workplace to hire, develop and retain your talent.