Work from Home Assessment (WFQ)

What is the WFHQ?

The WFHQ assessment reveals the potential success of an employee to work from home with its inherent challenges.

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How Does the WFH Assessment Work?

The Work From Home Questionnaire identifies whether an individual has the natural preference to live and work in the same environment. 

When the individual’s WFHQ results can be compared to a company specific benchmark, the suitability level can be established. The greater the level of suitability of a person to this environment, the greater the opportunity for sustainable tenure at the organisation.

Based on the development research for this assessment, twelve factors have been identified. These factors may vary in terms of importance for different remote working environments.

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Remote Working Assessment Benefits

Work-life balance is becoming increasingly important in organisations today. The challenge is more complicated when one is required to live and work in the same environment and even more so when that environment is a forced situation. The WFHQ equips your organisation with the ideal tool to ensure they are selecting the right person for the job and managing them effectively.

Recruitment & Selection

Identify whether an individual is capable of working effectively remotely and is comfortable to live and work in the same environment.

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Improve your induction and onboarding practices with personalised suggestions on how each individual could settle into the ‘working from home’ living-working environment.



Enable managers to understand the limitations and demotivating factors better to support and motivate your team when working from home.

What's in Our WFHQ Reports?

The WFHQ report identifies a natural living-working profile for the individual. Individuals are provided with an explanation of the realities of a living-working environment. The report suggests basic coping strategies to ensure that the adjustment into a living-working environment is as seamless as possible.

A DISC assessment becomes even more powerful when a combination or ‘matrix’ report is created. This is where it is used with another assessment such as EQ or DISC

RWQ Reports Include

A short introduction to the Work From Home Questionnaire and how to understand the assessment results.

Graph detailing the individual’s WFHQ Results and the personal and environmental factors that are important in the adaptation to remote workplaces.

A personalised working from home adaption guide to assist employers and managers in managing the individual remotely.

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