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The TEIQue assessment gives you unparalleled insights into why people behave the way they do and is one of the best tools for understanding and assessing people in workplaces.

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What is the TEIQue Emotional Intelligence Test?

The TEIQue assessment measures 15 facets of emotional intelligence in the workplace to determine an individual’s capacity to understand and control their own emotions, and recognise and manage those of others so that they, and others around them, can be as effective and productive as possible at work.

Assessment Applications

This Emotional Intelligence test helps you to find, train and develop leaders and employees who can better handle stress, communicate effectively and adapt to new challenges at work.

It gives you the edge to hire with confidence and helps people lead, manage and perform better in today’s competitive and complex marketplace.

About the TEIQue Emotional Intelligence Test

The TEIQue assessment breaks emotional intelligence into 13 facets under 4 key factors – Well Being, Self Control, Emotionality and  Sociability as well as 2 independent facets.

Dr KV Petrides, author and researcher of TEIQue assessment

Designed by a Psychometric Expert

Dr KV Petrides is recognized for his theory of Trait Emotional Intelligence (TraitEI)

Konstantin is the developer of the major system of Psychobionomy as well as of TraitEI theory and of the family of Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaires (TEIQue), which are used in commercial and research settings globally. He lectures internationally on Psychobionomy, Trait Emotional Intelligence, personality, psychometrics, and philosophy of mind.

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Why Employers and Businesses Use EQ Testing

Organisations use emotional intelligence testing and assessments to make more informed hiring decisions, improve workplace relationships and communication, ensure staff strengths are maximised and pinpoint exact training needs.

Engage and Motivate Employees: Ensure new hires are properly equipped to deal with the job. Keep people engaged and improve employee well-being.

Find People’s Natural Strengths: Build on people’s natural emotional strengths and manage weaker areas to improve performance.

Boost Leadership Capability: Hire people with the edge to lead and manage in today’s competitive marketplace.

Develop Effective Teams: Identify key areas for development and enable teams to better adapt to change, deal with stress and conflict.

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Learn More About the TEIQue Emotional Intelligence Tests

Discover more about the TEIQue emotional intelligence test and the valuable insights it offers in the workplace.

Easy to Understand and Comprehensive Reports

The TEIQue report allows you to take an in-depth look at an individual’s key emotional facets, highlighting their emotional functioning and offering valuable insights into key areas for further development.

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The Science Behind Emotional Intelligence Testing

The TEIQue emotional intelligence test is one of the most extensively validated and trusted psychological assessments available today. It is continually updated based on research at the London Psychometric Laboratory.

The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) is developed by a leading International research programme led by Dr KV Petrides. It is also registered with the British Psychological Society.

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Emotional Intelligence FAQs

What are the main types of emotional intelligence?

The TEIQue assessment measures 15 emotional intelligence traits:


Happiness, Optimism, Self-Esteem, Emotion Regulation, Impulse Control, Stress Management, Empathy, Emotion Perception, Emotion Expression, Relationships, Emotion Management, Assertiveness, Social Awareness, Adaptability and Motivation.


Higher and lower scores in each of these emotional facets come with different strengths and limitations.

Why emotional intelligence is important in the workplace?

Businesses are built on people. Emotional intelligence enables healthier, more efficient workplace relationships, identifies strong leaders and offers key insights for employee development.

Can emotional intelligence be learned?

Emotional Intelligence can be developed and improved over time with the right coaching and support. It is essential to first identify where an individual might need to improve their EQ and why.

How long to complete the TEIQue assessment?

The TEIQue assessment is not timed. However, it generally takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.

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