Combined 'Matrix' Assessment

Deeper Insights into Personality

The Combined Matrix assessment is when DISC, Work Values and/or EQ are combined into one insightful report.

integrated matrix assessment

How Does the Combined Matrix Assessment Work?

You can choose to combine any of our two assessments such as DISC and EQ or DISC and Values to provide far deeper insights into personality. 

The integration of the assessments establishes whether a person will fit into a specific position or environment psychologically, and indicates the ability to acquire the skills and responsibilities associated with the job’s key performance indicators. 

It also identifies talent for accelerated management development.

In its simplest form, candidates are plotted on a 4-quadrant matrix: each of the four quadrants guides on how to manage, develop and retain talent allocated in that part of the matrix.

workplace engagement assessment

The Benefits of the Combined Matrix Assessment

Measuring the Behaviour, Values or Emotional Intelligence of new hires is a great way to improve engagement and staff retention factors. Integrating all of these factors into your hiring process ensures the best chance of employee hiring success.

target, aligning new employees with the job

Align New Hires with the Job

Identify employee suitability for a specific position with greater confidence and determine whether they will be able to acquire the necessary competencies for the job.

data, predicting individual performance

Predict Individual Performance

Understand the individual’s ability to adjust to challenging and dynamic interactions with other people in the work environment.

managing and developing employees

Managing & Developing Your Staff

Know how to effectively manage, train and develop people in order to optimise individual and team performance in your workplace.

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