Our Psychometric Profiling Tests and Assessments

Align your people with the job and predict individual performance while saving time and money using psychometric profiling tests and assessments.

Measure Your Candidate's Behaviour, Personality Skills, Aptitudes and Job Fit

InterACT’s psychometric profiling tests are based on decades of scientific research, providing a trusted methodology for deeply understanding employees – from recruitment to training and retaining employees at every level in your organisation. Get the best from people, and improve performance and profitability.

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Behaviour & Culture

Assess the behaviour, values and emotional intelligence of a person.

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Personality Tests

Assess the key personality traits that make someone a good fit for specific job.

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Cognitive & Aptitude

Measure learning abilities, problem solving aptitude and verbal reasoning.

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Situational Judgement

Identify how employees will behave when confronted with specific work situations.

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Office Skills

Evaluate computer related knowledge levels before you hire.

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Industry Specific

Measure knowledge of general mechanical concepts within specific industries.

What is a Psychometric Test or Assessment?

Psychometric profiling tests or assessments are objective and scientific tools that measure a person’s suitability for a job role based on their personality styles or cognitive abilities. 

Cognitive and Aptitude tests: Measure logical and verbal reasoning, problem solving, skills and aptitudes.

Personality tests: Measure workplace preferences, behaviour, values, attitudes, communication styles, motivators, personality strengths and limitations.

Psychometric testing reduces the risk of poor hiring decisions and gives you greater confidence in your people decisions. This enables more motivated and engaged staff, higher employee productivity and better long term retention.

Psychometric profiling tests and assessments

Benefits of Psychometric Profiling and Testing

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Faster & Smarter Hiring

Take the guesswork out of recruitment and candidate selection to make more confident hiring decisions.

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Improved Teams

Develop more effective work relationships, stronger team synergy and better communication practices.

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Motivate and Engage

Understand how to effectively manage and motivate all of your employees. 

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Reduced Hiring Costs

Save time and potentially thousands on recruiting and rehiring staff who don’t work out months later.

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Reduced Turnover

Understand what keeps people engaged and solve high staff turnover issues permanently.

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Staff Development

Accurately identify who is best to train for long term benefits to your organisation. 

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Reviews and Testimonials

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Applications of Psychometric Profiling- How to Use The Results

Psychometric tests and assessments have a wide range of applications in the workplace for the selection of personnel, employee on-boarding, individual and team training and development, conflict management and succession planning. 

Applying Personality Tests

Personality assessments like DISC, Values, TEIQue and The Big 5 (OCEAN) help you to:

Assess certain details and traits that can’t be detected in an interview or CV.

Customise hiring to the specific requirements of the job.

Coach and support individuals post-recruitment according to their specific needs to improve learning and productivity.

Compare candidates against each other to find the best fit.

Identify if an individual will positively contribute to your overall company culture.

Adapt management styles to improve individual and team productivity and engagement.

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Applying Cognitive and Aptitude Tests

Cognitive and Aptitude psychometric assessments like the Elite Cognitive, Elite Skills and Workplace Aptitude assessments help you to:

Assess and hire candidates based on competencies relevant to the specific job.

Predict potential job performance and identify high potential employees.

Manage individual limitations and develop weaker areas.

Develop the specific skills needed to perform in a job such as literacy, numeracy, communication, problem solving and time management.

Development and Science Behind Psychometric Assessments

Our psychometric assessments are based on 30+ years of scientific research by leading psychometricians and psychologists. Psychometric assessments are considered valid and reliable when they have been scientifically proven to measure what they are intended to measure, and provide consistent results.

The assessments also have built in validity checks, that identify any issues that might affect the accuracy of the results.

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Common Myths About Psychometric Profiling Tests

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Personality Tests Can Be Faked

While a candidate can always lie on a self-report test, we have integrated a series of rigorous checks into our assessments which assess if someone is trying to manipulate their results to gain a favourable impression.

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Psychometric tests will reveal private information or secrets

Personality assessments are simply tools for assessing people’s observable behaviour traits and workplace preferences. They are not psychoanalysis and won’t uncover private information.

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Psychometric tests are only for recruitment

While incredibly useful for hiring, psychometrics have a broad range of other applications post recruitment and are used by thousands of organisations to better manage, motivate and train people.

Psychometric Tests FAQ

What are the main types of psychometric tests?

There are two main types of psychometric tests or assessments: Personality and Cognitive or Ability.


Personality assessments measure the behavioural preferences of people at work and how they deal with tasks and others people. Ability tests measure problem solving and reasoning skills.

Are psychometric tests reliable?

All our psychometric assessments have been robustly tested and are based on extensive scientific research.


While no psychometric test is 100% accurate, our tools have a high reliability score. This helps you to make objective people decisions supported by accurate information.

How are psychometric tests used by employers?

Psychometric tests are commonly used by employers and businesses to make better, more informed hiring decisions and predict potential performance.


They are also used post-recruitment to improve engagement, manage conflict, increase performance and up-skill people.

How long do psychometric tests take to complete?

Our psychometric tests can be very quickly completed online, normally taking between 5-15 minutes to complete.


Most of our tests do not have a time limit, with the exception of some aptitude tests.

What will the test results and reports tell me?

Once an assessment is completed, a report is instantly generated.


Reports give you insights into the behaviours, abilities, motivators and communication styles of a person. They also offer suggestions for interviewing, managing and motivating the individual.

How are assessments administered?

All our psychometric tests can be easily administered and completed on our online platform.


We customise this to suit your needs, giving you the option to personally manage your own account, or to have us manage and send out assessments for you.

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