Our Psychometric Tests

Want to try out a free psychometric test? Once complete we provide you with a report and feedback to help you better understand how to interpret the results and apply them to your own business. InterACT Global is a leading provider of Psychometric Tests in Australia, the United Kingdom and South Africa. If you need help finding the right test for your business needs please contact our team.

Assessments and reports are all completed and created online.

Reports are easy to understand and assessments take only 7 – 15 minutes to complete.

Combine, compare and integrate results for all assessments in one place.

Psychometric Tests

DISC Assessments

DISC is a behavioural assessment which looks at behaviour across four dimensions: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance.

TEIQue, emotional Intelligence testing

Trait Emotional Intelligence

TEIQue is an emotional intelligence test that integrates emotions, personality traits, and intelligence in 15 specific facets.

Psychometric Tests For Business

Integrated Matrix

Combining data analytics is the new way of identifying talent for the future. Our integrated matrix allows you to combine data from any of our assessments.

Psychometric Tests For Business

Personal & Company Values

The Personal Values Profile investigates the values that drive and motivate a person, which can be matched and compared with those of a company to improve engagement.

Working From Home

The work from home assessment highlights personal and environmental factors that are seen as important in the adaption to remote work.

Product Training & Accreditation

Our highly experienced team of trainers will help you to effectively utilise psychometric assessments to optimise your business for success.


Key talent and the right people for your business.


The Behaviour, Values and Emotional intelligence of your people.


Your people with your business through our job match and integrated matrix.


Your people and ensure you retain your top talent.