Psychometric Tests & Assessments

Recruit and Retain The Best Talent for Your Business

Our scientifically validated psychometric tests are designed to help align people with the job, predict individual performance and ensure you retain your best people.

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Our psychometric tests take the guesswork out of recruitment and help to identify the best talent for your business

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Gain a better understanding of your people and predict performance by measuring their Behaviour, Values and Emotional Intelligence.


Ensure your people are properly aligned with the needs of the job role by using our job benchmarking and matching tools.

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Understand how to effectively manage and motivate each individual so they can stay engaged and perform at their best.

Our Psychometric Tests & Assessments

Get the best from people, improve performance and profitability by using InterACT’s unique and advanced psychometric assessments. Our automated integration of DISC behaviour, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Personal values is a unique method to determine team member performance, that is based on scientific data to provide a trusted methodology for selecting personnel at every level in an organisation.

DISC is a behavioural assessment which looks at behaviour across four dimensions: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance.

TEIQue is an emotional intelligence test that integrates emotions, personality traits, and intelligence in 15 specific facets.

Combining data analytics is the new way of identifying talent for the future. Our integrated matrix allows you to combine data from any of our assessments.

The Personal Values Profile investigates the values that drive and motivate a person, which can be matched and compared with those of a company.


The remote work assessment highlights personal/environmental factors that are seen as important in the adaption to working from home.

Our highly experienced team of trainers will help you to effectively utilise each of our psychometric tests to optimise your business for success.

What Are Psychometric Tests?

Personality based psychometric tests are objective and scientific tools for measuring an individual’s suitability for a job role based on their key personality and behaviour styles. Psychometric testing has become increasingly popular with businesses over recent years as it helps to solve a variety of common problems encountered with recruitment, staff retention, and employee engagement.

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Benefits of Psychometric Testing

Take the guesswork out of recruitment and make better hiring choices.

Save time and money on recruitment.

Develop more effective work relationships and better communication practices.

Understand what keeps people engaged and motivated and solve high staff turnover.

Gain a better understanding of what to expect from each individual and how to effectively manage and motivate them.

Why is psychometric testing used in recruitment?

It is common for businesses to hire people for their skill set, only to later discover that they are a poor behavioural or culture fit for the job or business.

The interviewing process can only only go so far when searching for the right candidate for a job. Psychometric tests provide employers with a lot more information about what to expect from each individual, how they are likely to perform within the given role, and how good a fit they will be with the organisation. This leads to much higher staff retention rates and improved employee engagement while saving time and money for the business.

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Improved Employee Retention and Motivation

Developing People to Perform at Their Best

People aligned with the business and the job

Learn more about Psychometric Testing

Contact us to learn more about how our psychometric tools work. Our team across Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom have decades of experience using psychometric tests to help businesses develop their people element.

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