Our Global Team - What to Expect

Over the last few years, the InterACT Global Team has increasingly grown, incorporating psychologists and psychometric experts in Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom. With our team comes an immense wealth of knowledge in people’s behaviour sciences (DISC, Values & Company Culture and Emotional Intelligence) and experience in recruitment practices and psychometric consulting which spans across a broad range of industries. At our core we are focused on the people element in business, and we aspire to see people effectively recruited, managed, motivated, engaged and aligned in their workplace.

This has ultimately led us to psychometric assessments—incredibly powerful tools designed to assist businesses in their decision-making processes during their HR life cycle. These assessments remove the guesswork out of your decision-making process and will help you to be better at understanding individuals, how they operate and what motivates or demotivates them. Our global team is built upon years of experience in the use of this bouquet of psychometric assessments and their application within large and small businesses alike. It is our passion for these tools that has led us to where we are today, providing the best psychometric assessments on the market, in order to stimulate healthy grow within businesses and most importantly to effectively develop, motivate and engage their most important asset—their people.

Our Australia Team

Team - Chris Schutte

Chris Schutte

Managing Director

Chris has 30 years experience as senior manager and entrepreneur in the Human Capital consulting and management industry. He built and grew his own group of companies in the Asia-Pacific and Sub Saharan Africa region. He has a wealth of experience in business development, Human Resources and Human Capital risk management and turn-around strategies. He has conducted the full Business Development Life Cycle to successful sell-off, which has equipped him with a working knowledge of creating Business Success. His leadership experience, runs across various industries including Manufacturing, Retail, HR, etc.

Team - Bev

Bev Luck

Business Partner Development

Bev has built-up her career with 20+ years of experience as an accomplished executive manager in sales, CRM, operations, and marketing. Proficient in working with global companies throughout Asia, the USA, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia. She has a history of establishing strong customer relationships built on trust, providing exceptional service, and responsiveness. A veteran of developing, expanding, managing, and retaining multimillion dollar key local and global accounts. Bev is an experienced member of the InterACT Global Team, accredited in the InterACT assessment suite of products, a competent facilitator and trainer.

Vasi van Deventer

Prof. Vasi van Deventer

Learning & Design Consultant

Prof Vasi van Deventer is our academic and Learning Design Consultant. His academic career in Psychology covered more than 35 years during which he published numerous academic articles and book chapters. He is a seasoned presenter at academic conferences, with the latest to look forward to an invited keynote presentation on Human Capital and the 4th Industrial Revolution, as well as two additional papers in the field of Consulting Psychology, to be presented at the International Congress of Psychology in Prague, July 2020. His initial Bachelor of Science with majors in Mathematics, Computer Science and Psychology together with further post graduate degrees and a PhD in Psychology position him uniquely as our business consultant, to ensure the scientific foundations of all our offerings.

Our Partners in The UK


Phil Swinard


Based in Southeast

Phil has 35 years experience in recruiting, training, coaching and developing employees in a wide variety of industries. He has delivered accreditation and solution-based training courses within the UK and across Europe at all levels from SME to International Corporations. After 20 years Phil set up his own consultancy to specialise in DISC Behaviour and Emotional Intelligence development to the Thames Valley Police, Commercial Businesses and the world of Professional football, cricket, hockey, rugby, tennis and golf.


Paul Lillywhite


Based in Northeast

Paul has 30 years experience in the business world, having worked in a variety of roles and industries. Using his 17 years of knowledge and application of the science of assessments, he now runs his own consultancy (Lillywhite Consultancy)—focused on improving the performance of individuals, teams and businesses. He works with a variety of SME’s and larger organisations, focusing on improving the effectiveness of their most valuable asset—their people.


Saul Corrigan


Based in Northeast

Saul spent 27 years within the Media Industry. Known for his Innovative and creative ideas for promoting and increasing sales, he led the way for what became the norm within a highly competitive fast-moving market. Changing direction, he joined a leading psychometric test provider and quickly discovered a new passion for developing and helping companies realise their potential through their people. Using the various assessments at his disposal he became a very knowledgeable and trusted advisor to many organisations in the development, training and recruitment of their staff, and a valued member of the InterACT Global Team.

Our Partners in South Africa


Cheryl Mackinnon


Based in South Africa

Cheryl is a consultant to many of South Africa’s leading companies in people development, consulting and application, strategy development and implementation, talent identification and development, recruitment, leadership development and assessments. As a businesswomen she has devoted the last 15 years to identifying organisational challenges and focuses her expertise, time and effort on finding the most practical and profitable solutions for companies. These solutions are based on objective, scientific, holistic and quantitative measurement of people and job functions.


Carmen Welsh


Based in South Africa

Carmen discovered a passion for working with and through people after joining an International Consultancy in 2004. It was here that she gained a great deal of experience and invaluable training in most psychometric tools (i.e. behaviour, cognitive, emotional intelligence, values). Since 2016, she has ventured to consult in her own capacity—building up a strong HR Consulting foundation under the banner of CW Consulting. It is with this passion for helping businesses to recruit and retain the right people, that Carmen has recently forged a strong partnership with InterACT Global.


Moira Bruce


Based in South Africa

Moira has built an accomplished career within the Human Capital sector in the last twenty-five years. Her tenure as a Senior Consultant at a leading international recruitment company led her to join multinational organisations specialising in psychometric instruments and platforms for the purpose of talent management. In her role as Senior Sales Lead, she has demonstrated a high level of proficiency in all aspects of new business development, solution-based sales, account management, client relationship management and project management positioning herself as a strategic partner within the InterACT Global Team to a wide range of multidisciplinary clientele.