Office and Computer Skills Tests

Evaluate Computer Literacy when Hiring

The Office and Computer Skills assessment helps you to evaluate the knowledge and abilities of new candidates to ensure they will be able to perform to a high standard in the job.

Measure Essential Computer Skills Knowledge

Computer skills are a basic necessity and function of most jobs today and information technology and computer occupation jobs are expected to grow at a much faster rate (12%) than most other occupations from 2018-2028.

Our Office and Computer skills assessment gives you a quick, reliable and cost effective method for measuring these skills when hiring.

Microsoft office skills assessment

Our Battery of Office Skills Assessments

InterACT-Global is an international distributor of PsyMetrics psychometric tests, which have been developed and validated by psychologists with over 30 years of expertise across all industries. Our Office Skills assessments allow you to assess 6 areas of computer literacy and knowledge so you can make the best hiring decisions.

computer literacy

Computer Literacy Test

Identify a candidate’s knowledge level on 11 essential computer literacy areas.

excel skills

Microsoft Excel Test

Measure their level of Microsoft Excel expertise in 7 functional areas.

word skills

Microsoft Word Test

Assess their competency in using a wide variety of Microsoft Word functions.

outlook skills

Microsoft Outlook Test

Identify their proficiency level in the use of Microsoft Outlook.

powerpoint skills

Microsoft PowerPoint Test

Measure their knowledge level in creating presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint.

windows skills

Microsoft Windows Test

Evaluate their overall knowledge in the use of Microsoft Windows.

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