Benefits of Being a Licensed InterACT Partner

Add Value to Your Business

Does your company HR consultancy services, provide training or people development services?

Explore the possibilities of additional revenue streams by becoming a licensed psychometric distributor with InterACT-Global.

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Why Become a Licensed InterACT Partner?

You’ll be helping your clients to recruit, train and manage their people better with a suite of psychometric profiling assessments and accreditation training on the world’s leading tools.

new revenue streams
increased ROI for clients

Create New Revenue Streams

Generate passive income for your business by reselling psychometric assessments.

Increased ROI for Your Clients

Give your clients and customers additional value for their investment that benefits them.

adding value to your services
attracting new customers

Add Value to Your Services

Expand your service offering to better support your clients and add value to your business.

Attract New Customers

Expand into new markets, attract new clients and stand out from the competition.

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What Industries Are Ideal to Be a Licensed Partner

Virtually any industry can be suited to becoming a licensed partner. InterACT can customise our partner licensing programs to suit your organisation’s needs and goals. Our training helps you to build on your strengths and add value to your current service offering.

human resources consultant

HR Consultancy

HR consultancy businesses are an ideal match for the partner program.

The partner program will increase the value of your consulting service and help your clients develop better strategies for hiring and managing their people. 

Create quick and effective people solutions for organisations.

Understand people’s key strengths and weaknesses to support training and development.

Provide your clients with the tools to help their people succeed.

Back your decisions with reliable scientific data and refer to a team of psychometric experts.

Recruitment Services

Every business can benefit from using psychometric assessments for recruitment so this industry is a perfect match for the partner program. 

Help your clients to hire and retain people with ease. Make confident hiring decisions that are supported by scientific psychometric data. Improve recruiting efficiency and time to hire.

Assess and hire large quantities of candidates quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Decrease the time to hire, with better results.

Help your clients to recruit people who will stay with their business and meet/exceed performance expectations.

Compare candidates against each other to find the best fit for a client.

recruitment services
business employees, accounting firms

Accounting Firms

Accounting firms have an incredible opportunity to assist their business clients by becoming a partner with InterACT Global. 

Assist clients with their important hiring decisions to make more accurate candidate selection decisions.

With cognitive assessments, you will be able to assist clients with finding fast learning staff when they can’t find experienced employees.

Increasing employee engagement increases productivity and profit margins and the full suite of psychometric assessments can benefit your clients in this important area.

As a Master Licensee, you will be able to provide accreditation training for your larger clients who want to deliver the psychometric reports in-house.

What Our Partners Say

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Science of Change


InterDISC and BJP’s … for me, it was a great way to validate my assessments and also present some objective data on the suitability of the candidates.

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CW Consulting


“Chris and his team have provided a great service to our business when looking for new staff. Matching our company values against the values of potential new staff has been an invaluable tool for us with excellent results. I would highly recommend this service.”

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Lillywhite Consulting


“A definite must for managing and retaining staff with a fabulous result for team building as well.”

Reseller License

As a Reseller your organisation will be able to offer the psychometric assessments to your clients at a wholesale rate. 


Personal Values

Emotional Intelligence (TEIQue)

Cognitive (the full range)

Situational Judgement

Personality Assessments

Industry Specific (Hospitality, banking, law enforcement and more)

Master License

As a Master Licensee your organisation will be able to offer all of the Reseller License products, plus be able to provide Accreditation Training.

All of the Reseller Assessments

DISC Accreditation Training

Values Accreditation Training

EQ Accreditation Training

Find Out More about Becoming an InterACT Global Partner and Licensee

Get in touch with us to learn more about how a partnership with InterACT can benefit you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main types of psychometric tests?

There are two main types of psychometric tests or assessments: Personality and Cognitive or Ability.


Personality assessments measure the behavioural preferences of people at work and how they deal with tasks and others people. Ability tests measure problem solving and reasoning skills.

Are psychometric tests reliable?

All our psychometric assessments have been robustly tested and are based on extensive scientific research.


While no psychometric test is 100% accurate, our tools have a high reliability score. This helps you to make objective people decisions supported by accurate information.

How are psychometric tests used by employers?

Psychometric tests are commonly used by employers and businesses to make better, more informed hiring decisions and predict potential performance.


They are also used post-recruitment to improve engagement, manage conflict, increase performance and up-skill people.

How long do psychometric tests take to complete?

Our psychometric tests can be very quickly completed online, normally taking between 5-15 minutes to complete.


Most of our tests do not have a time limit, with the exception of some aptitude tests.

What will the test results and reports tell me?

Once an assessment is completed, a report is instantly generated.


Reports give you insights into the behaviours, abilities, motivators and communication styles of a person. They also offer suggestions for interviewing, managing and motivating the individual.

How are assessments administered?

All our psychometric tests can be easily administered and completed on our online platform.


We customise this to suit your needs, giving you the option to personally manage your own account, or to have us manage and send out assessments for you.