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What our Psychometric Tests Measure

Personality based psychometric tests are designed to accurately measure the core behaviours, values and emotions that drive people in their work each day. They can tell us how an individual will interact and communicate with others, how they will operate under various circumstances or under pressure. They also identify their most important motivators and demotivators at work.

DISC profiling test, profile types

DISC Behaviour Profile

The interDISC assessment measures an individual’s work behaviour. The results provide insights into how they will fit within a specific work role and how they should be managed to stay enagaged in the role.

personal values test graph, work values assessment

Personal Values

The Personal Values assessment identifies the key motivators that drive people at work. If properly aligned with the values of the business, the individual is far more likely to stay engaged and perform optimally.

TEIQue, emotional Intelligence testing

Emotional Intelligence

Trait Emotional Intelligence measures a person’s ability to understand and control their own emotions, and recognise and manage those of others so that they can be as effective and productive as possible at work.

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DISC Profiling Assessment

Understanding Behaviour

DISC measures an individual’s behaviour specific to the workplace. The assessment breaks down behaviour into four main categories (D) Dominance, (I) Influence, (S) Steadiness and (C) Compliance.

The results create a highly accurate behavioural profile for the individual. This will tell you how they can be expected to act in the workplace, their communication style, what keeps them engaged as well as their biggest fears. Finally, the results will suggest the types of roles they could be best suited for.

disc profile, disc graph

Benefits of Using DISC

Provides a clear analysis of the individual’s behaviour and an indication of their potential suitability for a role.

Identifies strengths and weaknesses of the individual.

Equips managers with the tools to effectively manage different people and keep them engaged.

Understand how a person will work within different environments, or when under pressure.

Personal Values Assessment

Understanding Work Values

The Personal Values Assessment measures an individual’s values within the work context. It ranks 21 Values from highest to lowest, across 7 Value clusters.

The results are ranked under three groups “Major Motivators“, “Minor Motivators” and “Potential De-motivators.” These provide an accurate understanding of the key drivers that keep an individual engaged in the workplace, which can then be compared against those needed for the business or job.

personal values test graph, work values assessment

Benefits of Using Personal Values

Lower staff turnover by effectively matching a person’s Values with job demands.

Identify the value based motivators that drive people and keep them engaged.

Define your company values and develop a stronger and more consistent company culture.

Identify motivation strategies required for optimum performance.

TEIQue Assessment

Understanding Emotional Intelligence

The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) measures an individual’s ability to understand and manage their own emotions, as well as those of others. The assessment highlights this in the form of 15 facets, sorted under 4 main clusters.

The results can indicate the sorts of work roles a person may be best suited to. They help to develop more efficient communication practices, effective teams and better leaders who are equipped to deal with conflict and change.

TEIQue, emotional Intelligence testing

Benefits of Using EQ

Increases self awareness and improves communication practices.

Indicates how someone will operate in different work environments.

Develop more effective teams.

Equips people to cope better with stress, deal with  conflict and change.

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