DISC C Personality Type: Compliance DISC Profile Style Explained

A Comprehensive Guide to the high C Compliance Personality Style in DISC

12 March 2024, By Chris Schutte

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The High C in DISC assessments is short for “Compliance.” High C or Compliance personality type individuals are characterized by their attention to detail, precision, and adherence to rules, standards, and procedures. They excel in environments that require analytical thinking, thorough planning, and a methodical approach to tasks and challenges.

In this article we provide you with a comprehensive guide to understanding and working with the DISC C personality type.

What is a High C or Compliance Personality Style?

Individuals with a high C personality in the DISC model prioritise accuracy, consistency, and quality in their work and interactions.

They are naturally analytical, often approaching problems and decisions with a critical eye, ensuring that every detail is considered and every procedure is followed correctly.

High C personalities tend to prefer working independently or in structured, predictable environments where expectations are clear, and outcomes can be measured against established standards.

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Strengths of the DISC C Style

People with a high Compliance (C) factor in the DISC model are typically known for their exceptional attention to detail, analytical thinking, and commitment to quality and precision in their work.

woman with headset, C DISC style personality strengths

Some key strengths of the high C are their ability to:

  • Approach tasks and projects in a methodical, organized manner, planning meticulously.
  • Respect and adhere to established rules, guidelines, and procedures.
  • Identify potential risks and implement strategies to mitigate them.
  • Rely on data and facts rather than intuition or feelings, making their decisions well-informed and objective.

Limitations or Weaknesses of the DISC C Personality Style

Individuals with a C style personality can get bogged down in details and may struggle to see the big picture. There can also be an over-reliance on rules and regulations. 

Some key limitations of the high C are:

  • Lack of flexibility, often finding it difficult to deviate from established plans.
  • Reluctance to delegate tasks – fearing others won’t meet their high standards. 
  • Preference for data and facts over personal feelings can make them appear detached or overly critical. 
  • Focus on perfection can lead to missed deadlines or delays. 
  • Over-reliance on rules can limit their ability to think outside the box. 
  • Can be afraid to make difficult decisions if they lead to conflict. 
woman thinking, disc C style

What Motivates the C Style Personality in the Workplace?

A structured environment with clear expectations and the opportunity for in-depth analysis are most important to a high C DISC personality. This motivates them by enabling them to apply their skills to achieve perfection and efficiency in their tasks.

business man, disc high c type motivation

They are also motivated by:

  • A conflict free workplace.

  • Detailed explanations, clarification and support.

  • A clear job description. 

  • Opportunities to develop specialist qualifications.

  • Praise and recognition in writing. 

Fears and De-motivators of DISC Compliance Style

Compliance style individuals become demotivated in an environment that lacks clear rules, guidelines or structure.

C DISC styles are also demotivated by:

  • Negative feedback or criticism of their work.
  • Frequent abrupt changes in projects, goals, or procedures.
  • Inefficiency or lack of planning. 
  • Conflict or an antagonistic work environment. 
  • Pressure to complete tasks quickly without sufficient time for quality assurance. 
woman frustrated, compliance disc style demotivators

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How to Communicate with a C-Style DISC Type

When communicating with an C-style DISC type, it is important to Be precise and detailed, providing clear instructions and expectations to avoid ambiguity, allowing them to fully understand the task or project at hand.

woman happy, communicating with C-style DISC type

When communicating with an C-style DISC type be sure to:

  • Use written communication where possible.

  • Allow them time to process information.

  • Focus on facts and logic.

  • Recognise and respect their knowledge and expertise.

  • When providing feedback, be specific and constructive.

What C DISC Personalities Offer a Team

High C or Compliance personality type individuals provide a team with a meticulous precision and thoroughness.

Some of the benefits of including people with a DISC C style in your team are:

  • They uphold and advocate for high standards, contributing to the overall quality of the team’s output.
  • Their ability to foresee potential problems and their attention to detail help in identifying and mitigating risks before they become issues.
  • Their focus on facts and data over emotions ensures that decisions are made objectively, based on the best available information.
team with C disc personality style

How to Support and Manage a C Type DISC Personality

Supporting and managing a high C personality effectively involves recognising their need for precision, structure, and clarity

business woman, managing C type disc personality

To best support the C DISC profile you should also:

  • Provide Clear Expectations: Clearly outline tasks and expectations to minimise ambiguity, allowing them to plan their approach and execute tasks with confidence.

  • Offer Access to Information: Ensure they have access to all necessary data and resources, enabling them to conduct thorough analyses and make informed decisions.

  • Give Constructive Feedback: Provide specific, constructive feedback focused on their work’s details, helping them understand how they can improve.

  • Encourage Time for Analysis: Understand and respect their need for time to analyze and process information before making decisions or starting on tasks.

Ideal DISC C Personality Type Careers

Some of the careers the Compliance DISC personality is likely to excel in are:

    • Accountant/Auditor: Their attention to detail and love for numbers make them excellent in roles that require financial scrutiny and management.

    • Data Analyst/Scientist: High C personalities thrive in data analysis, where they can delve into complex data sets to derive insights and make evidence-based decisions.

    • Engineer: The precision, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills required in engineering suit the high C personality’s strengths and preferences.

    • Quality Control Specialist: Their focus on standards and quality makes them ideal for roles that ensure products or services meet required specifications.

    • Pharmacist: The need for accuracy, thorough knowledge, and adherence to protocols makes pharmacy a fitting career, where mistakes can have significant consequences.

    • Software Developer: This role requires a methodical approach to problem-solving, attention to detail in coding, and the ability to work independently, aligning well with a high C’s traits.

    • Compliance Officer: This role leverages their strong adherence to rules and regulations, ensuring that organisations meet legal and ethical standards.

    • Project Manager: Especially in fields that require a high degree of precision and technical knowledge, their planning and detail-oriented skills ensure projects are completed efficiently and effectively.

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