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Become an InterACT Partner

We Are Looking For Value Added Resellers (VAR)

This partnership with InterACT is designed for Agencies and Consultancies looking to add value to their existing service offering by integrating unique assessment solutions, cost effectively and with a fresh approach.

We Are Looking For Value Added Resellers (VAR)

For companies that have a SME customer base and are looking to add an additional revenue stream offering to their clients. This is an opportunity to have online access to a range of unique people assessment tools and job benchmarking tools that can deliver a better people decision ability to your clients, never before affordable for the SME market. 

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Why Become an InterACT Partner?

  • Being an InterACT partner provides the opportunity to create new revenue streams.
  • Our solutions will help you attract new customers in new and existing markets.
  • Be part of a global partner network of leading assessment providers.
  • Our solutions allow you to add additional value to your existing customer base.

So, if you are looking to partner with us, an industry leading assessment provider designed specifically with the SME market in mind, then InterACT should be your first call. Create new revenue streams, attract new customers and expand into new markets. By joining us you can become part of a leading industry player.

Professional Expertise

We have team members across Australia, the UK and South Africa.

At InterACT we align the best expertise with the needs of our clients and customise our consulting partners to suit the very specific needs of the client, to deliver the successful outcome every time.

We have a highly experienced team, extremely knowledgeable in the use of  psychometric assessments.

Learn More About Psychometric Assessments

We will provide you with more information on the use of these assessments, and how they could potentially serve you within your business. Contact one of our members in Australia, South Africa or the United Kingdom. We also offer regular accreditation courses and webinars on our products in order to help familiarise and train recruiters, managers and distributors in their use.

Use our online form to request a sample assessment. Once complete, we will offer you feedback on your report.