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InterACT’s headquarters are based in Brisbane, Australia. Our Australia team seek to to assist anyone looking into using psychometric assessments in Australia and internationally. With decades of experience in the use of psychometric assessments, our team know how they can be practically applied to achieve results and develop the human element in business.

Quality customer care and support are at the core of our company values and we take great care to customise our consultants, specialists and partners to the specific needs of your business. Should you be interested in learning more about our assessments and their specific use in recruitment, management and consulting processes, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Or request a trial assessment, and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Once complete we will provide you with feedback on the results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do We Provide?

We help businesses to identify their people talent, measure them up against psychometric benchmarks, align their talent with the business culture and ensure proper engagement of their people talent.

Our psychometric reports are provided on a bureau or self-service facility, with expert support by senior psychologists and consultants.

We manage the outsourcing of psychometric assessments.

Our product training is personalised and provided online and face to face in a classroom.

What workplace problems do we solve?

  • High staff attrition.
  • Scientific solutions to making better recruitment decisions.
  • Improve communication issues.
  • Simplify the recruitment process.
  • Close the Gap between the company culture and the person’s values.
  • Improved staff retention.
  • Identify talent for training and development.
  • Equip managers to manage motivation.
  • Insights to promote the right person at the right time and avoid the “round peg in a square hole” syndrome.
  • Understand the people who make good managers.

Which Psychometric Tool is Best for your Business?

Our psychometric tests can contribute greatly to various aspects of your business. These assess areas such as the DISC behaviour of an individual, their Values & motivators as well as their Emotional Intelligence. Check out our products page to learn which is most relevant to your business, or consider registering for one of our accreditation courses & webinars to learn more.

Who are our products designed for?

Our assessments are designed to assist businesses of all sizes to more effectively and cost efficiently recruit and retain top talent. They are intended to support coaches, consultants, HR specialists, line managers, talent acquisition managers, or anyone looking to make better people decisions for their business.

Are our Tests and Reports Online?

Yes! All of our assessments are completed and securely stored online. With all our assessments on one platform you can easily set up benchmarks for specific jobs and compare this with the results of an individual. We have the added functionality of an integrated matrix, which will allow you to see how a group of individuals measure up to a job across two different test areas (e.g. DISC and Values).