Talent Acquisition, Recruitment Challenges & Psychometrics

How can psychometrics help the search for talent?

15 July 2022, By Chris Schutte

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About The Article

The danger of staff shortages and the process of recruitment & talent acquisition can end up being a very frustrating and expensive exercise that keeps going in a never-ending loop in the search for talent.

The 4 most common reasons are:

  • It is the only applicant you have and you are desperate to make the appointment.
  • Your gut feel tells you this person is not the right person, and you make the appointment only to find out later down the track that it was the wrong call.
  • The CV reads right, and the interview went well – you make the appointment and two months later you realise it was all wrong.
  • Your staff retention rate is <60%.

All four of the above frustrations and challenges in the search for talent have a proven solution and they are actually not that difficult to overcome.

If we look at the scenario in the picture below and we look at the behavioural requirements of the job (that is if you did pre-determine the Job behaviour profile) then all four of the problems mentioned above will become your reality within weeks never mind months or years.


Why is That?

This person is naturally motivated by following the rule book and works in a methodical way, and the job demands a fast paced unstructured and persuasive behaviour. The job match is low and therefore the person (if appointed) will try to modify their behaviour to adapt to the position, yet the job expectations are so far removed from the natural style of the person that it could lead to burnout and under performance.


Always make sure you have the right benchmarks for the behaviour required and your talent acquisition and retention issues will resolve themselves.

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