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Blogs are a great way to learn more about psychometric assessments and an opportunity to see their real-world effects upon people and businesses internationally. Our team have worked within various sectors of the psychometrics industry for decades. We have seen what these invaluable tools can achieve and the positive impact they can make in improving employee engagement and company culture.

We believe it is important that those who are already aware of, or make use of psychometric assessments, are provided with the information they need to fully integrate them into their business practices. Equally so, we want to ensure those who are still unaware of psychometric assessments are given relevant information about what they are and what they do, and encourage them towards utilising these tools within the workplace.

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Our monthly blogs will not only provide you with a wealth of educational content on our psychometric tools, but also offer some real-world examples of how we have used them to assist individuals and businesses to operate at their best.

emotional intelligence

The Value in Testing Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Why are businesses testing Emotional Intelligence in the workplace and how are people developed to fit the emotional requirements of the

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emotional intelligence, people writing on whiteboard

What makes a team successful?

In this blog we investigate what makes a team successful and how psychometric tests such as DISC behaviour can

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disc graph and magnifying glass

The Hidden Message in DISC Profile Patterns

Unusual patterns can sometimes occur within the graphs of a DISC profile. What do these irregular profiles tell us about the individual who completed

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job, search

Talent Acquisition, Recruitment Challenges & Psychometrics

The challenge of recruitment & talent acquisition can be a frustrating, expensive exercise. How can psychometrics help the search for

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emotional intelligence - 3 facets

Emotional Intelligence – 3 Facets

Linkedin Instagram Envelope Trait Emotional Intelligence – Three Facets 1 June 2022, Insights by Professor K.V. Petrides (London Psychometric Laboratory) 1. Emotion Regulation This emotional intelligence facet measures short, medium, and long

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A Toy Company

Our client attended our webinar in September on the Power of Personal Values. She found it so valuable and thought it was just what their leadership team needed, an intervention to bring them back

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Cartoon Thought Bubbles People at Work

Has your behaviour changed during lockdown?

Has your behaviour changed during lockdown? - By Paul

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DISC of the Week: What are you Missing Most?

How does your DISC profile shape your reaction to lockdowns & working from

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Silhouette Of People

Values? What have YOU got?

A Closer Look at Values in

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Communications Support Trust

Managing and Restoring the Balance in Hybrid Working

The tug of war between Working From Home (WFH) and the office, is an on-going battle between staff and

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Want to learn more about psychometric assessments?

Try one of our accreditation courses in DISC, Values, Emotional Intelligence or Remote Working. These offer you the chance to be officially trained in the use of a specific assessment and provide you with all the knowledge you will need to to confidently utilise it in the workplace.

We also host regular webinars which delve into the practicalities of using psychometric assessments across a variety of professional fields.