DISC Profiling Test

What is DISC?

The DISC assessment is a psychometric tool that measures a person’s preferred behavioural styles across a variety of work contexts. DISC profiling is utilised by businesses to accurately test and evaluate an individual’s suitability for and potential performance in a role.

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How Does The DISC Assessment Work?

The DISC assessment measures behaviour across four dimensions:

These four factors are combined into an integrated profile across three graphs, providing an opportunity to gain better insight into the full behavioural style of an individual.

DISC Profile Types


People who measure high on Dominance tend to be assertive and results-driven. Usually being quite competitive by nature, they like to seek out difficult challenges. They usually communicate in a direct, straightforward manner.


People who measure high on Influence tend to focus on people, and their social relationships with others. They are generally very optimistic and persuasive, making them naturally good at networking and sales.

DISC behaviour assessment profile, four quadrants


People who measure high on Compliance are logical, systematic and precise. They generally focus on following established guidelines, with an emphasis on maintaining quality, often making them natural administrators.


People who measure high on Steadiness tend to be extremely persistent, reliable and methodical in their work. The are usually patient listeners, who are friendly, sincere and easy going with others.

The Benefits of DISC Profiling

DISC assessments are an incredibly popular psychometric tool for businesses, because they are easy to use and take a large part of the guesswork out of the hiring process. They have proven to be powerful predictors of employee performance and help to maximise staff retention.     

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The DISC profiling test helps to:

Save on recruitment costs and retain your best talent.

Identify the workplace behaviours required for optimum performance.

Ensure behavioural alignment between the person and their job.

Improve communication practices and self awareness.

Create highly motivated and more efficient teams.

Equip leaders with the confidence to manage and motivate different personalities and resolve conflict.

Create A Job Benchmark With DISC Profiling

Businesses frequently hire people for their skills, only to later find that they are a poor behavioural fit for the job or business.

The Behaviour Job Profile (BJP) is a companion to the DISC assessment, that allows a business to establish the behaviour profile they are looking for in a particular role. It gives the employer a benchmark against which potential candidates can be compared.

disc profiling test graph, work behaviour assessment graph

Our DISC Reports

When you complete a DISC assessment, a report will be generated. Our reports are designed to provide the most important information on the individual in order to help them better understand themselves, as well as to assist businesses in the recruitment, management and consulting processes. 

DISC profile reports are easy to understand and present you with everything you need to evaluate the individual’s work behaviour and effectively manage, motivate and engage them. Furthermore, these can then be easily benchmarked online against the DISC behaviour profile of the business.

Our DISC Reports Include

A short introduction to the DISC profile and understanding the test.

Three graphs detailing the individual’s preferred natural behaviour, behaviour under pressure and behaviour at work.

A comprehensive two page description of the individual, detailing the person’s behaviour characteristics, communication styles, motivators/demotivators, and their potential value to your business.

disc profiling, work behaviour assessment report

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Sign up to one of our accreditation courses on DISC and become officially trained in its use. Learn about the fundamentals of the DISC profiling test and DISC benchmarking and how it can be effectively applied within the workplace to develop and retain your talent.