Behaviour (DISC)

The DISC profiling test looks at behaviour across four dimensions: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. DISC assessment results provide powerful insights into how a candidate will behave at work generally and under pressure, their preferred communication style, possible limitations, and key motivators.

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What Information Does DISC Profiling Provide?

  • Behavioural preferences of individuals.
  • Which behaviours describe the individual most.
  • What behaviour modifications are most natural, and therefore most
  • Behavioural strengths and possible development areas.
  • Clues towards what drives the behaviour of the individual.
  • Person to person engagement strategies.
  • Possible unique personal contributions to team and group work.
  • Indication of the level of alignment between the individual and the job/context.

Workplace problems the DISC Assessment Solves

  • Identifies individual behavioural strengths.
  • Identifies potential development areas for the individual.
  • Identifies behaviours required for optimum performance.
  • Identifies team engagement strategies.
  • Creates robust job specific behavioural benchmarks.
  • Identifes behavioural alignment between the person and their job
DISC behaviour types

Profiling The Individual

The DISC profiling assessment provides insights into how people behave at work answering questions such as:

  • What are their strengths and limitations?
  • Are they self-starters?
  • How do they communicate?
  • What motivates them?
  • What demotivates them?

Profiling The Company

The BJP assessment allows a business to establish the behaviour profile they are looking for in a particular role. It gives the employer a benchmark against which potential candidates can be compared.

disc profile types - 3 graphs
disc graph, psychometric test

Matching & Scoring Behaviours Against a Job Benchmark

DISC Profile Match
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Our DISC Assessment Reports

Our DISC reports are designed to provide all the relevant information to users in order to best assist in the management and consulting processes. They take the guesswork out of recruiting, and allow you to make well informed decisions.

Included within each report will be a short introduction to the basics of the DISC assessments and three graphs detailing the individual’s preferred natural behaviour, behaviour under pressure and behaviour at work. Our DISC reports come with a comprehensive two page description of the individual, detailing their behaviour characteristics, communication styles, motivators/demotivators, and their potential value to your business.

The DISC reports are easy to understand and present you with everything you need to evaluate the individual’s behaviour and effectively manage, motivate and engage them. Furthermore, these can then be easily benchmarked online against the DISC behaviour profile of the business.

DISC & Behaviour Training

Sign up to one of our accreditation courses on DISC and become officially trained in its use. Learn about the fundamentals of the DISC profiling test and DISC benchmarking and how it can be effectively applied within the workplace to develop and retain your talent.