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InterACT is an international psychometric assessments supplier that provides psychometric testing across a range of assessment categories to provide businesses and organisations with the information they need to fully optimise their team’s potential.

What is InterACT?

InterACT is a psychometric testing company with more than 50 years of business consulting experience. We provide you with easy-to-understand information that can be seamlessly and quickly integrated into your existing operating procedures.

We are an industry leader in determining team member performance that offers a trusted methodology for selecting personnel at every level in an organisation.

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InterACT's Psychometric Products

InterACT offers a comprehensive array of online psychometric testing products and services to help make a difference in your business.

DISC Behaviour Assessment

InterACT uses DISC profiling to assess how team members will behave at work. This assessment analyses motivation and demotivation, communication preferences as well as strengths and limitations across four personality profiles and stands for:

  • Dominance – confident personalities that focus on achieving results
  • Influence ­– personalities that emphasize relationships and openness
  • Steadiness – dependable personalities with a focus on cooperation and sincerity
  • Compliance – personalities that prioritise quality, expertise, and competence
DISC work behaviour types
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Values and Culture

InterACT can determine what drives a team member in addition to surveying their values with a Work Values assessment. Our Personal Values Profile (PVP) analysis identifies the reasons why people will do things or react in certain ways in the workplace. Aligning personal and organisational values can create a powerful motivational drive that guides team member interaction and helps integrate them into the workplace.

Additionally, we can apply psychometric testing to an organisation with a Corporate Values Profile (CVP) analysis. This assessment examines core values from the perspective of an employer and uses the same values as found in the PVP.

Emotional Intelligence

We are a psychometric testing company committed to cultivating excellence in leadership. Having the right personnel in key positions can maximise your team’s ability to communicate effectively during stressful times, increase collaboration, and make changes less disruptive. We use Emotional Intelligence testing to evaluate a range of factors that contribute to success. Our assessment of emotional and behavioural competence can help predict how team members will perform under stress, conflict, and other performance-related issues.

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Working From Home

Our Remote Working Questionnaire emphasizes twelve factors to help team members adjust to working at home. After taking the questionnaire, a report is created that highlights the factors important to the team member and describes a natural living-working profile for them. The report also provides suggestions for an efficient and effective transition to working from home.

Integrated Matrix

Included in our psychometric testing services is a workplace engagement assessment that measures a person’s psychological appropriateness for a given position or environment. We analyse behavioural norms and values to provide a matrix of the team member’s ability to learn skills as well as their potential for managerial positions.

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