Improve your Business with Psychometric Testing

InterACT-Global provides only the very best psychometric tests available internationally. Get the best from people, improve performance and business profitability by using InterACT’s unique bouquet of psychometric assessments.

What Is InterACT?

InterACT is a web platform with a bouquet of academically validated psychometric assessments. InterACT’s psychometric tests stretch across a wide range of categories to provide businesses and organisations with the insights they need to fully optimise their people and teams’ potential in the workplace.

Our workplace assessments provide easy-to-understand information that can be seamlessly integrated into your Human Resources practices and HR lifecycle. Our automated integration of DISC assessments, Emotional Intelligence (TEIQue) and Personal values Profiles (PVP) is a distinctive method to determine people performance.

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Develop The People Element in Business

We listen to our clients and we understand the challenges they frequently face. We care about helping them to develop their people and retain their best talent. Our unique set of psychometric tools are complemented by a team who have decades of experience actively using them to achieve positive outcomes in businesses.
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The Benefits of Using Psychometric Testing

Take the guesswork out of the hiring process.

Predict performance of a candidate in a specific role.

Save on recruiting costs by making the right hiring choices and retaining your best people.

Improve self awareness of employees and develop stronger communication skills.

Ensure individuals and teams remain motivated and engaged.

Chris and his team have provided a great service to our business when looking for new staff. Matching our company values against the values of potential new staff has been an invaluable tool for us with excellent results. I would highly recommend this service. – Workspace 365

Find The Best Solutions

Discover more about how our psychometric and workplace assessments can help your business or team to higher levels of job performance and engagement through better staff and development decisions. Learn more about us today by requesting a demo assessment and see why businesses across Australia, Europe, the UK and South Africa trust InterACT-Global as their leading supplier of psychometric and workplace assessments.

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Psychometric Tests & Solutions

We provide business with innovative, scientific, measurable and bespoke psychometric and consulting interventions. InterACT offers a comprehensive range of psychometric and workplace assessments as products and services to help business to transform – from leadership and team development to providing answers to their people questions in a modern yet practical style to resolve their people needs.

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Psychometric Training & Accreditation

Find out more about optimising your business for success. Contact InterACT today to find out how our accreditation in InterDISC, Personal Values Profile and TEIQue. We offer Virtual and F2F accreditation programmes. Accreditation in  psychometric assessments and their functions can help your organisation reach its fullest potential and improve engagement.

Get Started Today!

As a leading international psychometric test and assessments supplier, we supply you with the resources and systems needed to improve sustainable performance within your team and to set free and harness the power of your people and their potential. Our unique bouquet of psychometric assessments and assessment reports will help you to become one of thousands of companies to learn the secret to their people success through InterACT-Global. Your true business advantage could start today!